Search Engine Optimisation

SEOAside from paid advertising, Google uses a series of secret algorithms and criteria to decide which websites are most relevant when a user performs a search. None of its methods are published, and they change frequently, but through experience there are many things which are known to help. This is called Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO.

domain Stay Relevant

The most important thing to keep in mind is that Google is always striving to provide the user with the most relevant results. If you start your own online auction site that operates within your city and currently has ten members, you can’t expect to appear in search results above eBay.

The next thing to remember, is that everyone wants to appear first in the results, so you have to have a website which Google decides is more relevant than the others.

access Backlinks

Backlinks are links to your website from another website. The more people that link to your website, the more relevant your site seems to Google. Google also takes into account how relevant the sites linking to you are. A link from is going to carry a lot more weight than Google also considers the text inside that link, so if you post your link anywhere, it is better to use descriptive text.

cms2 Dynamic Content

Google gives less credibility to stagnant websites, so if you change your content every now and then (even small changes) you will find that your website will appear higher in search results. This why having a Content Management System (CMS) gives you so much control over the effectiveness of your website.

mob Keywords

Think of the keywords people might use to search for your business, and use them as much as possible in your website’s text. Google will increase your search rank if you have the relevant keywords. Keep in mind that keyword-dense, unreadable content will be penalised.


Search Engine Friendly URLs are web addresses that are readable and contain keywords which suggest what is on the page.

A URL like this is not very descriptive:

As opposed to a URL like this:

dev What do matesrates do?

There are also many technical things that matesrates will take care of, such as naming images, metatags, using semantic markup, avoiding the use of Flash and generally using good SEO web practices.

Google looks kindly upon HTML code which is up to date, validates and is written logically. If its bots can clearly differentiate between elements on your page, it will read your website clearly and increase your page rank.

We understand all the ingredients that make a website seem credible to Google, but there are marketing companies out there who specialise in SEO, and will write all of your content for you.

mr Web Design Perth take care of all the technical aspects and work with you during the design and build stage of your website, to ensure your site performs as well as possible in search results once launched.

historyGenerally speaking, once the website is launched and submitted to Google, we suggest you wait at least a couple of weeks before you decide the website isn't being found on Google. Let's wait and see what Google Analytics tells us about how people are finding and interacting with your site organically post launch. Google's good at what they do, but even they need some time for their bots to find your new site and start displaying it in search results. Once we start seeing some data, then we can work with you to refine content and tweak some other areas of the site to improve your ranking.

An Honest Difference

There are a lot of companies out there that promise to get you to the first page of Google with their SEO wizardry. They throw confusing terms around and then hand you a contract which locks you in for hundreds of dollars per month (if not more). For the record, mr Web Design wholeheartedly disagrees with this practice. Which is why for years we haven't sold SEO as a service ourselves. Instead, we believe that good website design, great content, complying with Google algorithm's and regular updates to your site are what's required for you to have a winning site on the interwebs.

With that belief in mind, and with more and more of our clients asking us to assist with Search Engine Optimisation, we decided we needed to come up with a happy middle ground. Enter... the mr Web Design SEO Service. Tailored options to suit your needs, whether on a once-off or ongoing basis, which we can implement at any time on new and existing websites.

SearchWe start with asking you some questions about how you'd like your site to be found on Google. We'll guide you towards keywords and phrases based on your current website data and trends in your industry, but we also promise to be honest about what you can achieve and how we're best to go about it. If you're starting up a new health insurance company... competing with the existing goliaths in the industry is going to be a challenge. That said, we're proud to say that we have an amazing success rate with clients we have worked with in the past... try googling "Mexican Restaurant Perth" or "Lawyer Fremantle" and see if you can match up the first page results with sites you can see in our Portfolio.

How Do We Do It?

Through logical tweaks to content and honest SEO changes. We don't create fake backlinks, cross-link, buy links, place sneaky redirects, stuff keywords into every sentence of your site so it's a nightmare to read, duplicate content or place invisible text on your website. These are all practices just waiting to be penalised by Google, and we firmly disagree with them. What we do is look at your site and make simple and logical changes to your website content and structure to improve your Google Page Rank, whilst suggesting other additions to your online presence like Google+ pages.

mr Web Design have created a menu of SEO related options which we have seen have the biggest impact on search results. Choose from a one-off site clean up and technical tweaks, social media engagement, copywriting services and more. Contact us today to book a chat to discuss your site's performance.


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